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Newsletter January 2019

Welcome back everyone! We would like to let you know the changes that have taken place and will be taking place over the next couple of months. Emma Pickerill joins us in Clever Cubs as Supervisor. Faye is Deputy Supervisor in Out of School club but will still be in Little Learners during the day. [

Color party

Lots of colors, fun and smiling faces! At Fieldside Day Nursery we had great fun with colored powder. We learned about the colors, got messy and all the children had an amazing time. The color powder used is safe for children and easily washable.

Donkey Riding

Every once in a while, we get our donkeys and out of schoolers ready to do donkey riding! Our donkeys are very calm and friendly. The children enjoy the contact with the animals, we let the children help as much as they would like, they can get our donkeys ready or help with walking them […]

Music Video 2016

The end of summer has come, and our out of schooler children here at Fieldside have once again shown their talents in coming together and creating a music video of their summer. Even creating their own T-shirts to perform in the video. Hope you enjoy watching as much as they did creating. Well done