The Tiny Tots room caters for children aged from birth to 2 years, however anytime from 18 months depending on the developmental level of the child, they can start their transition through to the next room.

Your Tiny Tot will be cared for by our dedicated team of Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants on a 1:3 ratio, whose aim is to make the transition from home to Nursery as smooth as possible for both child and parent. Your child will be cared for in a clean, safe and stimulating environment where they can learn, develop and grow into a confident Little Learner.

Upon entry to the Tiny Tots room, your child will be assigned to a member of staff who will be their key person, however this may change as we encourage the child to choose their key person themselves, depending on who they feel most comfortable with and we also make sure other practitioners in the room get to know your child and their routine just as well so as they are not dependant on just one person. The role of the key person will help your child become settled and familiar with the setting, help them feel safe, secure and valued as an individual, whilst ensuring parents are being involved to make sure the needs of the child are being met.

The key person will also be responsible for carrying out regular observations on the child to ensure they are meeting their milestones and will create next steps from the findings to extend or develop the child’s learning. This evidence will be linked to the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) so a summative assessment can be made at the end of each term. Again, all the findings will be discussed with parents on a confidential basis. Lastly the key person will produce a daily report on your child stating exactly what they have eaten for breakfast, dinner and tea, if they have slept, and what experiences they may have been involved in that day. This information will also be communicated verbally at the end of each day if the parent wishes.

Milk feeds can be brought into the Nursery either pre-made or in tins which we will then make up as and when your child requires. We sterilise your own bottles before and after use and send them home at the end of each day if necessary. Breast feeding mums are welcome to bring in expressed milk. All of our meals can be blended down into a liquidised or semi liquidised state and also baby lead weaning and every dietary need can be catered for, however parents can bring in food in tins or jars if preferred.

Every child is treated as an individual and staff will work with you as parents as closely as possible with regard to your child’s routine and what times they eat, sleep etc. We provide many areas for sleep and rest including a separate cot room which your tiny tot can use if you wish, or we have a number of bouncers, push chairs and sleep mats which are also available, depending on parental preference.

The whole of the Nursery operates along a self choice/ child choice ethos where the children are encouraged to choose what toys and resources they wish to play with. The Tiny Tots room has a large self choice unit made up of construction toys, small world resources, musical instruments, balls and many more resources to stimulate the babies’ brain and allows for self choice to happen on a daily basis. Expressive arts and design is encouraged by providing opportunities for lots of ‘messy’ play, be it either jelly, gloop, pasta, paint etc. and opportunities for mark making are given using things such as chalks, crayons, play dough etc. Sand and water play is a big favourite of all the children’s and is carried out daily. We also encourage a free flow system where they can choose if they play inside or outside. All of the babies however are still taken outside on a daily basis and make use of our extensive garden and field area and huge sand pit. Furthermore they are taken into the woodland area (non-walkers will go in in push chairs) where they can interact with the donkeys, horses, sheep, chickens and visit the pond.

Jabadao is something which we regularly carry out in the Tiny Tots room. Jabadao is movement play with a purpose which facilitates children’s minds and emotions to be communicated. It gives babies lots of opportunity to practice movement, an experience which influences their brain development for later life. We do this by providing opportunities for children to move freely and independently, giving lots of tummy and back time on the floor, space to be able to roll over, crawl, push, pull and extend their bodies. We also provide resources to aid with this including lycra, fabrics, scarves, feathers, balloons, balls and much more.

Sing and Sign is something else we carry out on a daily basis alongside regular communication, but not instead of, to help babies communicate before they can speak. The practitioners carry out signs and gestures as well as saying the word such as “eat”, “drink”, “more”, etc. to encourage the child to communicate back through gestures even if they cannot vocalise what their needs are.

Overall we aim to ensure every tiny tot is given the adequate love and attention they deserve and we feel you would be happy as a parent to leave your child in our warm and friendly environment.