Little learners caters for children aged between 2 to 3 years old, however from 18 months the children in Tiny Tots can start their transition into this room, depending on their developmental level and needs.

The Little Learners room operates a key person system where a member of staff is assigned to your child, based on who the child prefers and seems to form a good attachment with, however as in all the rooms the other practitioners will also know your child really well and have an input in their development to ensure the child is not dependant on just one member of staff.

The practitioners produce daily observations and next steps on your Little Learner which are then transferred weekly into their individual profile and help aid with the following weeks planning. A summative assessment is carried out on every child at the end of each term to see what stage of development they are working at. This information is communicated to parents by your child’s key person in a confidential manner. We aim to work with you as parents as much as possible and in this room we have a me and my family photo keyring where parents are regularly asked to bring in photographs and pictures from home so we can talk to your child about these to support the links between home and the setting.

The Little Learners room offers a welcoming and safe environment based around planned purposeful play. As in all the rooms, self choice/ child choice is a major part of the children’s daily routine where children are encouraged to choose what toys and resources they wish to play with, and are urged to get these out independently from the self choice baskets and drawers, which are all clearly labelled in the form of photographs. The baskets contain building blocks, animals, construction and small world toys along with resources to help promote hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills such as jigsaws and large hama beads. They are then encouraged to tidy away their own toys once they have finished with them. These baskets change with the preference of the children. The room is also made up of specific areas including a book corner, a role play area (which is changed frequently depending on children’s interests), a sand/water area and an expressive arts and design area which includes resources for box modelling, painting, cutting, gluing and sticking etc. The practitioners also support any child who wishes to develop their learning in the form of counting, colour, number and basic shape recognition.

Free flow play is encouraged on a daily basis where the children are given the opportunity to decide whether they play inside or out. The Little Learners are taken outside in small groups, adhering to the 1:4 ratio requirement, and are able to access all areas of the outdoors including the garden, sand pit, woodland area, field, climbing frames and spend time watching and talking to the animals.

Sing and Sign which commenced in the Tiny Tots Room is carried on into the Little Learners room. Also the singing of Nursery rhymes and songs is a set part of the children’s daily routine, along with story time, meal times and toilet times and are all set out on a visual timetable so the children are aware of what is going to happen next.

The majority of children aged between 18 months and 3 years go through the potty/toilet training process. The Little Learners practitioners are dedicated to assisting any child when learning to go through this change and are always happy to help. Children are always rewarded with a sticker on their own personal sticker chart and are given lots of praise.

We are aware some children in Little Learners may still need a daily nap. This is not a problem, we have a separate room where the children can sleep on individual cushions in a quiet environment and they can still have access to cots and prams to sleep in if required.

We feel that each child in the Little Learners room is given the love and attention required for their own individual needs and their time in this room will make them into a confident and independent learner ready for when they transition into the next room – Clever Cubs.