Welcome back everyone!

We would like to let you know the changes that have taken place and will be taking place over the next couple of months.

Emma Pickerill joins us in Clever Cubs as Supervisor.

Faye is Deputy Supervisor in Out of School club but will still be in Little Learners during the day.

Laura Moody has joined us as Supervisor in Little Leaners.

Megan Pugh as a graduate in early years, who will work throughout the nursery.

Megan Tinker who has been with us as a student from Selby College joins us as an apprentice.

Kassie has started her maternity leave early and is due end of February. Kasha leaves us mid-February to start her maternity leave. We are having a baby shower party for Kassie & Kasha on Tuesday 5th February with all the children to give them a send-off.



Chicken Pox is doing the rounds again. Any child with chicken pox must be excluded form Nursery/School for 5 days from the onset of spots.

Head lice

Head lice is a common condition affecting children. IT is passed around by head to head contact which is why it can spread quickly amongst young children. Head lice like clean hair and do not jump from head to head. They can be treated with medicated shampoo’s available from the chemist but also with conditioner and a fine louse comb. If you need any advice please see Gail.

Honesty is the best policy if you find head lice in your child’s hair please let us know so other parents can do checks.  All parents need to regularly check their children’s hair.


A parent has just informed us that their child has thread worm but it has been treated. Again, this can be a common condition in nursery the only sign being a child often scratches their bottom. The whole family usually need treating to stop the spread.



As you will have noticed we have done the drive. Can you please keep your speed down to 5mph (or we will have to put the pot holes back! x)


Child absence

Please let nursery know asap if your child is not in each day.

Parents of Out of School Children – please let the nursery know if your child does not require picking up before 2.30pm each day.

Funding 3 & 4 year olds – Can all parents please make sure you renew your codes 3 monthly to ensure you do not lose your funding for 30 hour funding.

Clever Cubs are also starting to do self- registration on a morning – please can all parents help them with this.


Thank you Gail & The Fieldside Team.